When it comes to the question “what is quality content” people have a variety of answers. Some will say that you need to have long-form copy to keep google on the side and others say that it’s better to produce content for the people consuming it.  Here’s my perspective on producing content in 2019 and beyond.

When it comes to content online there needs to be some specific goals and intentions from the content producer. Good Content should be strategic and well thought out instead of just existing to fill up space. It should have a specific purpose and be helpful to those consuming it. When producing content the content creator should answer a few key questions: 

Who is the target audience for this piece of content?

The biggest difference between poor content and great content is clarity. Being clear on who your target demographics are will carry the content from idea to production. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, the content that you produce runs the risk of being received as disingenuous and “spammy”. many people don’t like this point when I bring it up to them as they feel that their brand is “for everyone” However, in reality, there is always a certain demographic that they attract. Keying in on your core demographic and speaking to them directly will have a far bigger impact than trying to help everyone and you will be handsomely rewarded by not only your fans but also the search engines! 

 What specific problem is your content solving for the audience? 

Good content isn’t just produced for a specific person but it also solves a specific problem that they are facing. Having the question “what’s in it for my audience” is a great way to stay on track when planning out good content. As nice as thinking that people are consuming your content because they have nothing better to do is, it’s also unrealistic. People are very busy and they have a million things happening around them if your content doesn’t solve a specific problem they’re facing they will lose interest in it very quickly! The great news is when you can solve a specific problem for someone they will tend to share it around with others that may be facing the same problem. This will not only get your content out there more, but you’re also creating fans and people who see you as an authority on the subject. Can you guess where they will turn when they need more advice?

How can I create the biggest impact with this piece of content? 

When you’re planning out your content (as you should do) have a think about the format. What is the best way to articulate the overall message in a way that will resonate with your audience? 

We live in a world now with so many options. Should it be video? a blog post?  a picture? a meme? The truth is, your audience wants you to deliver value and not spam and is most likely to favour one of the formats over the others. Start there and then “repurpose” your content for other formats. An example of this would be creating a video that delivers value and literally break it down to work with other formats. You can easily turn your video into a blog post by transcribing the video (and touch it up for it to make sense for a blog) and then finding quotes within the video and making a meme out of it. You could even turn the audio into a podcast… The sky’s the limit! 

  Is this content entertaining? 

Think about the last time you watched a boring movie… Yeah, not a pleasant experience! The same goes for good content. Good content should be specifically targeted, provide great information, solve problems and also be entertaining! This is what causes “virality” online. One of the most famous examples of this was with the dollar shave club. They had an ad out on social media that was entertaining and as a result, the campaign went viral and ended with the company being acquired for a billion dollars (yes with a B). You don’t need to be someone you’re not. Just show some personality and you’ll be fine! 

Good content starts with good planning and if you follow these questions as you create content you will outdo 99% of your market. It’s not hard to create good content although it can be time-consuming. Remember quality over quantity and you’ll rise above the noise and be looked at as a great content creator and an authority in your space! 

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