2020 was a testing year for all of us here at Pixelbay. We started off strong, serving our clients in the health and fitness industry with done for you digital marketing while also being a competitive white-label solution for hundreds of agencies (in dozens of niches)  around the globe. 

Things were looking very good for our growth until we learned about a virus that was circulating around the world (covid-19) that had now entered into Australia directly from the epicenter at Wuhan. 

On march 10, 2020, we were warned to brace for impact by premier Danieal Andrews. He warned that we would need to take “extreme measures” to ensure public safety from the virus that had now been reclassified as an epidemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Over the coming weeks, businesses were involuntarily closed by the Victorian government and staff were told to work from home. This was fine for us as we were used to working remotely for clients all over the world but we were under no illusions that this would affect our business as we ran marketing for gyms and other brick and mortar businesses. 

During this time, we were being inundated by service-based business owners who were working from home and desperately needed to find clients online as the local economy had taken a major hit from the pandemic.

 These businesses were facing the very real fact that they may need to close their doors for good as they were feeling the pressure every day as we were too. 

We knew that in order to sustain our business we needed to make some changes to our business model. We understood that our current clientele wouldn’t be able to utilize our services as they were closed which made marketing services redundant for the foreseeable future. 

The vast majority of these business owners simply could not afford to advertise their business via a professional agency. They were desperate to find a solution and this is where the idea of funnelkit was conceived…

Instead of running marketing campaigns for businesses we decided to take a hybrid approach to working with our market. 

We knew that our clients would have more time than money, we understood the feelings of being vulnerable and knew that we could TEACH our market to run the campaigns that we would run for our clients at a fraction of the cost they would have to pay us to do it for them… 

With this new idea in mind it was time to put the message out to see if anyone would be interested and if we could validate our new offer idea. 

As it turned out, we had a positive response, we had over 20 applications and we decided to work with 6 people in what we called our beta program. 

The program ran for around 10 weeks and the results were nothing short of amazing! We not only validated that our offer would sell, but that we could transfer our skillset over to our clients! 

Here is the results from our first beta group: 

  • 6 participants (3 coaches, 2 agency owners, and 1 Personal Trainer) 
  • $60,000 in new sales for our students collectively (that’s $10,000 per person on average) 

But more importantly, that’s 6 happy clients and new friendships created with a new offer! 

Why the rebrand though? 

We knew that we were onto something good with our new business model, we could work with our clients to find people they could work with virtually around the world and not be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

We also knew that we enjoyed the process so much more than working behind the scenes and just “clicking buttons” for our clients and understood that this new business model would help us in staying diverse with our clientele and scaling our business in the future  (both issues we had faced pre-pandemic)  

There were some other determining factors in re-branding that we may talk about in another post but for now we’ll just say this…

Pixelbay has undergone some major changes for the better, and we are proud of these changes and know that we will be able to not only change the trajectory of many more businesses but also change the lives of thousands if not tens of thousands of expert based entrepreneurs! 

With these new changes, comes a new representation of our brand that’s better reflective of what we do as a business. 


Funnelkit is a business consultancy with a focus on helping expert based entrepreneurs. We take your pre-existing skill set in your chosen field and refine and amplify your impact!

 We help you with everything from: offer design and development to client acquisition and service delivery in a way where you can not only work less, but make more money than you have in your business. 

There’s no more struggling to make ends meet, no more wondering where your next client will come from and no more working with clients who don’t appreciate your expertise.

We have developed a proven system for generating clients at will, positioning yourself as a market leader and scaling your business as much (or as little) as you want!

If you want to learn more about what we do, please get in touch with with us about how we can help your business! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and for your continued support through our transition from Pixelbay to Funnelkit! 

Sincerely Yours, Nate