There’s a big difference between adding legitimate value and incentive to your prospects and spamming them for attention and unfortunately many business owners don’t understand the difference between the two.

While showing off your products and services is important for your bottom line, The truth is (as harsh as it sounds) that your prospects don’t really care about you or your business…

In reality, the only thing your prospect cares about is that you know how to solve their current problem they’re faced with! 

That’s it!

 ..kinda selfish isn’t it?

I know, I know, in primary school, our second-grade teacher used to tell us the world is full lemon drops and gumdrops and all of that nice stuff… 

But..that’s not the real world so it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and WAKE UP! 

In this post, I want to give you an understanding about the importance of adding value and incentive to your ideal customers/clients when advertising and stop you from spamming them to death and leaving the image of your business tainted. Sound good? Let’s go! 

Stop telling people you’re the best!

Unless your name is DJ Khaled, telling your ideal customer that you’re the best falls of deaf ears! People no longer respond to the old “we’re number one in four cities with 40 years of experience blah blah blah”. 

Don’t get me wrong, People do still care about professionalism and business integrity. But the way you express how you can help them has changed. People are overworking with faceless brands and would always prefer to work with human beings who understand their individual problems and concerns. They’re also more sceptical now than ever before, so you simply being “open for business” and “The best” isn’t a good enough reason for them to choose you over your competitors. 

Let’s put some context into this to illustrate the point: 

Let’s say that you run a live networking event of some kind. You know that you offer great value at the event for attendees. You have awesome members who can add a ton of value for your ideal customer but you need to get more people to your event to spice things up a little. 

You’ve compared your event to all of the others in your city. You have invested hundreds of hours, blood, sweat and tears and money into this event and you honestly think it’s the best event around.

You’ve decided to put on some drinks and food for the people at the event to create a great atmosphere and now to cover the expenses of running the event, you decide it’s best to sell tickets for $15-20 a person. After all, it’s not much of an investment and it’ll sort out who’s serious….

You’ve heard this had worked well for another event similar to yours so it makes sense right?

Your ad copy says something along the lines of:

“ Come and check out our event! We have like-minded people here and can help you to break through to the next level. Tickets are only $20/person!  click buy now to get yours””

You head to Facebook and chuck $200 on an ad and wait. You get some clicks, some interactions but no ticket sales…. 

  (this ad copy sucks for the record) 


What actually went wrong here? Is it Facebook, the audience or me?

Here’s the deal:  People won’t come to an event (or business etc ) because YOU think it’s awesome! They need to experience the emotions of meeting new people and having in-depth meaningful conversations, not just be told about it. (or whatever is applicable to your business) 

Let’s be honest, to get people out of their comfort zone and mingling with new people is hard. Why should they come to your event when they can just drink beer and eat food at their mate’s house? 

Simply existing and expecting people to show up is pretty ignorant and is NOT a way to grow your event night. 

But Nate, How the hell are you supposed to get people to the event so they can experience it if they don’t even want to come? 

You may have guessed what I’m about to say by looking at the name of this post. Deliver Incentive, NOT Spam!

 Let me break it down:




a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.

You have to offer your prospects a GOOD REASON to take action on doing something. 

In this hypothetical event situation it would of been waaaay more effective to offer a free ticket or something else of perceived high value (more on this in another upcoming post)  for the networking event to get them into the door.

 Once at the event, you can then have an event organiser upsell them into becoming a member of your event night once they understand the value your event offers.. (as long as it will truly benefit them of course) 

All of a sudden you have not only a new customer but a new fan who will probably bring in more potential customers to the next event! 

Although this example was used for a live event, the lesson here is this: 

Offer a real incentive for people to choose you over your competition (no matter what business you run) because just “being open for business” isn’t an incentive. 

You may be thinking, “but you had free food and drinks at the event; isn’t this incentive? The short answer is no. 

Let’s break this down and think about it logically and see if it makes sense…

Majority of the similar types of events are doing the exact same thing. Come in and we will chuck on a few beers and some nibblies… What’s setting you apart from them?
Oh, nothing?

As I said earlier, the prospect has the choice of going to a friends house, having some drinks and not stepping outside of their comfort level. Plus let’s be honest, if they need to drive to and from the event they will probably end up having like 1 beer (because they are responsible). $20 per beer is bloody expensive! And yes they WILL look at this the same way. Considerations like this need to be thought of when building our incentives because your prospect will be thinking like this! 

It’s all about creating an offer and not selling a commodity…

Beside the point that people first need to trust you and your brand before they will ever buy what you’re trying to sell, You also need to create an offer. This could be something as simple as a chucking in a few extra bonuses for taking action now that no one else can offer. Make sure you’re offering legitimate value to your market though. This is essential for any good business worth buying from to succeed not only online but in general. 

Think about what else you can offer your ideal customer, get creative and make something up. It can be something physical, digital or both. Give them a good reason to buy and they will! 

A quick note on buyers intent

When your advertising on a platform like Facebook. You need to meet your ideal customer where they are. What I mean by this is, when someone is on Facebook, they aren’t looking to buy something. Chances are they are looking to catch up on their social life, check out cat photos and essentially be entertained.

 You have to stand out and pique their interest otherwise you have no chance. 

Be real and honest with yourself about your offer and test it! If you find you’re not getting a great response then switch up your offer and reposition it until you find one that works!

This isn’t rocket science but it can spell the difference between hitting your goals or not.

I hope this helps you in one way or another and you implement the principles from this blog post in your business to see more success in marketing efforts! 

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